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I called and ordered a refill and they told me 3-4 business days but that was ok because i was at 30-32%..

Two weeks later they came to fill my 500 gallon tank. My tank said 20% and they filled it to 80% and said it took just over 347 gallons.. How is that possible in a 500 gallon tank?

I would like to know how a 500 gallon tank at 20% held 347 gallons at 80%

I just wanted to see if anyone else is seeing the same issues?

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Sometimes in cold weather, and I mean a rare occasion, the guage sticks. At 20% you have 100 gallons in your 500 gallon tank.

If you got 347 gallons, then you would be overfilled to like 90% or better. Only in the colde winter months can a 500 gallon tank be filled to 85% because it will condense. Any other time it can only be filled to 80%.

But when Thrifty gets a tank refurbished, they do not get the tank cleaned out to prevent old stuff inside from jamming the guage.

With a refurbished tank you get supposedly new guages and pressure relief valves and paint job and that's it. They are to be cleaned out also but that does not get done.

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