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I called on January ninth for a fill. Left a message and a day later received an automated message saying they would be out.

I called at 30% as recommended by thrifty. By the end of January I hadn’t received my fill and none of calls were ever answers or returned. My email was ignored as well. I finally pressed the number for sales and low and behold a man answered.

He was one of the rudest people I’ve ever spoken to. He said he’d relay my message and no one ever called back. Finally on January 31 when my take was below 20% and it was 20 degrees outside, I called 14 times. The answering service answered the first 3 times but then would pick up and automatically transfer me into voice mail without saying hello.

Guess they have called ID. I left several messages letting them know I have a child and can’t run out of propane in 20 degree weather and that I’d my pipes froze and burst I’d be filing a law suit. A few hours later I look out to see a man filling my tank. He was sitting it on the tank and looking at his phone and not paying attention to any gauges or meters that would stop him from going over my pre buy amount.

I quickly got dressed and try to catch him before he left but I was too late. I looked at my meter to see that he filled it to 85%. Within 2 hours I receive a phone call telling me that that over filled my tank past my pre buy amount and that I owed them $10.00 and how did I intend on paying them! I lost it!!!!

I told her they had some nerve asking me for money when they can’t even return a customers call!!! And proceeded to tell her to call me every day for 30 days, e-mail me, then call me 14 times in one day and threaten a lawsuit and only then would I take her call. I haven’t heard back.

Not to mention, the driver should be held responsible for the over fill because it’s his job to pay attention to the meters. I’ve been calling around for estimates from other companies and they all have been taking customers that were unhappy with Thrifty!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Thrifty Propane Propane Tank Refill.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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